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Welcome to Obecity, USA.

A fake place with real problems.

Population 115 million and doubling every 20 years.

Where 1 in 3 adolescents live in neighborhoods that don't support physical activity.

Where 42 million can't afford nutritious food.

Where 1 in 3 ads are for junk food.

Where apps are designed with addiction in mind.

History of Obecity, USA

Learn about our history - and your future.

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Obecity, USA
It's time to make a change!

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Obesity is a disease that affects over 115 million Americans. A national crisis driven by an epidemic that has spiraled out of control. Every community across the country is impacted by obesity. It is the literal state of America. Over 300,000 Americans die of obesity-related causes every year. We cannot allow obesity to undermine the well-being both of individuals and our nation.

Together, let’s #GetFedUp

Let’s take back control. Let’s end the epidemic by 2040.

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More About Pennington Biomedical

Since 1988

Located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana —in the heart of America’s obesity belt—Pennington Biomedical is a community of hundreds of dedicated and highly specialized scientists, doctors, dietitians, nurses, and lab technicians, working to solve the obesity epidemic from every angle. We’ve created evidenced-based breakthrough preventative programs, as well as discoveries and treatments, that have the potential to change the way America eats, exercises, and ages.

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