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Food in schools

Vending machines filled with processed foods and sugary drinks. School lunch menus that count pizza as a vegetable. It’s no wonder one in six children are living with obesity.


The motivation to exercise might be there, but the means to do so might not. One in three children live in neighborhoods without sidewalks, making it challenging for them to safely seek out physical activity. And children living in neighborhoods with high crime and limited access to parks are generally less likely to meet physical activity recommendations.


While there are very few obesity genes, there are thousands of genes, markers, and chromosomal regions associated with obesity. And a person’s environment, from preconception and throughout their life, influences genetic factors linked to obesity. As a generational disease, it commonly runs in families.

Children have an 80% chance of having obesity if both parents have obesity.


One-third of prime-time TV commercials are for junk food. With sports heroes endorsing soda brands and hypersexualized ads selling a body appearance that's impossible to live up to and often unhealthy, the media plays a major role in perpetuating America’s obesity problem.